You are a new inspector with a SCLLR Provisional Licenses and need the training to get your certifications to get your standard license, this is the apprenticeship program for you.
SC LLR will cover the cost of the program to get your residential and commercial certifications in that field

  • Building
  • Plumbing
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical

 NOTE: If you do not complete the course (Classroom and OJT) then the Jurisdiction will be responsible for the entire cost of the program

New Inspector 

If you are a single trade (residential or commercial) licensed inspector and seeking certification and licensing in another trade.  SCLLR will cover the cost of the program provided its part of your job description with the jurisdiction.

  • Have not been in class or taken the exam for the field being taught
  • Seeking both the residential and commercial certifications and license.
  • Job description is for both residential and commercial inspectors. 

You must at least  have a provisional for the field of inspections you are requesting attending a class for and it must be included in your job description with the jurisdiction. (Ex. If you are registered as a Building Inspector with the state but want to expand your certifications to include Commercial Plumbing, you must have a provisional Commercial Plumbing license with the state in order for them to pay for the class)

Cross-Training An Inspector 

South Carolina LLR helps support local Jurisdictions in getting inspectors certified and Licensed in South Carolina.   England Training has works closely with LLR and local governments to put together a program to get inspectors trained, ICC certified and licensed in South Carolina.

Our typical 3 and 4-day training classes help a seasoned construction professional get prepared for the ICC exams.  We know that there should be a program that will help new personnel coming into the profession. That is why we developed this apprenticeship program.  

NOTE: Private companies will be responsible for the entire cost of the program.