On The Job Training     Required OJT:  75+ hours
On the job training (OJT) is crucial  to give the student the rounded experience that will result in a qualified inspector.  Coaching in the field will be required by another person that has experience in the field.

Question:  Who will be my coach in the on the job training?

Answer:  As with any apprenticeship program it is a cooperative effort between the instructor and an on-site experienced inspector to mentor you. Your Building Official will help setup the field training with you, either within your department or with a inter-governmental  agreement with a neighboring department. 

Question: How will I report/record the hours for OJT Training

Answer: England Training has developed a app that will allow you to do this.  It will track: 

  • Date
  • Type of Inspection 
  • Time on project 
  • OJT instructor
  • Pictures of jobsite (taken on phone/ tablet)
  • Copy of inspection report 

Where it will be uploaded to the database for viewing by the instructor 


                                           App will work on all Apple and Android phones/ tablets 


                                                if you wish you can upload the pictures /                                                                 information from your computer to the website.