If you have a F.S. 468 Inspectors / Plan Reviewer license that will qualify you for the apprenticeship programs                  (cross training) to get license in in that field instead of having the 5 years of experience required by F.S. 468
The 200 hour programs:

  • Building Inspector               BCAIB 5007990
  •     Building Plan Review         BCAIB 5008029
  • Mechanical Inspector          BCAIB 5007994
  •      Mechanical Plan Review    BCAIB 5008031
  • Plumbing Inspector              BCAIB 5007993
  •      Plumbing Plan Review       BCAIB 5008030
  • Electrical ​Inspector             BCAIB 5007992
  •      Electrical Plan Review       BCAIB 5008032


  •  England Training has chosen not to provide a 1 & 2 Family cross training program since a standard licenses  (i.e. Building)  can be used for both residential and commercial inspections
  • Inspector   128 hr. Classroom (Self-Paced Online) + 72 hr OJT = 200 hours
  • Plan Review 128 hr. Classroom (Self-Paced Online) + 18 hours classroom (Orlando) + 54 hours OJT = 200 hours  

Start Anytime Of The Year - Do Your 128 Hours Of Class And OJT At Your Own Pace!

300 HOUR Transition Program 

ICC Certifications 

NOTE:   Anyone can take an ICC exam to become a certified inspector.    Most states / jurisdictions will accept this to get a license (if required).

The State of Florida has several additional requirements before you become licensed most notable:

  • 5 years of field experience in each trade.
  • 2 years of field experience in construction and complete a 300-hour Transition Program.

FYI: You do not have to have permission from the State of Florida to take any ICC exams.  If you work for a governmental entity and want to only pay $5.00 to take an exam, then you will have to achieve their permission 

England Training have been working with the Florida  Building Code Administrators and Inspectors Board (BCAIB) to create the following programs.

​​ 843-747-3575 or emailwayne@ibcode.net or jengland@ibcode.net​


To sign out of the program 

Chick on links to (fillable PDF)

Chick on links to (fillable PDF)


Core Program           $3200.00 

Travel, hotel, etc     $-0-

2 ICC exam vouchers $-0-

Plan Review Optional $495.00

FL Provider Number 0001782

F.S. 468 grants a new hire with 2 years construction experience the ability to go through a 300-hour program to obtain their first license in the State of Florida.

Or if you are a licensed Florida inspector without three years of experience using your F.S. 468 license, you can utilize this program to get your needed cross-training.  

32 Hours Inspector Basics (e-WISE) 

20 hours Laws and Rules class  (e-WISE) 

128 hours Building Inspector Class (Self-Paced Online)

18 hour Building Plan Review (live Summer Orlando) 

102 Hours OJT                                                       

300 Hours Total 

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