F.S. 468 grants a new hire with 2 years construction experience the ability to go through a 300-hour program to obtain their first license in the State of Florida.

Or if you are a licensed Florida inspector without three years of experience using your F.S. 468 license, you can utilize this program to get your needed cross-training.  

32 Hours Inspector Basics (e-WISE) 

20 hours Laws and Rules class  (e-WISE) 

128 hours Building Inspector Class (Self-Paced Online)

18 hour Building Plan Review (live Summer Orlando) 

102 Hours OJT                                                       

300 Hours Total 

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Building, Mechanical, Plumbing & Electrical Programs

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No live classroom time for 200-Hour programs, which means you do not have to miss work. Classes are online self-paced.

Start your OJT for any program as soon as you are approved and registered!

If you have a F.S. 468 Inspectors / Plan Reviewer license that will qualify you for the apprenticeship programs                  (cross training) to get license in in that field instead of having the 5 years of experience required by F.S. 468
The 200 hour programs:

  • Building Inspector               BCAIB 5007990
  •     Building Plan Review         BCAIB 5008029
  • Mechanical Inspector          BCAIB 5007994
  •      Mechanical Plan Review    BCAIB 5008031
  • Plumbing Inspector              BCAIB 5007993
  •      Plumbing Plan Review       BCAIB 5008030
  • Electrical ​Inspector             BCAIB 5007992
  •      Electrical Plan Review       Not Offered At This Time


  •  England Training has chosen not to provide a 1 & 2 Family cross training program since a standard licenses  (i.e. Building)  can be used for both residential and commercial inspections
  • Inspector   128 hr. Classroom (Self-Paced Online) + 72 hr OJT = 200 hours
  • Plan Review 128 hr. Classroom (Self-Paced Online) + 18 hours classroom (Orlando) + 54 hours OJT = 200 hours  

Start Anytime Of The Year - Do Your 128 Hours Of Class And OJT At Your Own Pace!

300-HOUR Transition Program 


Core Program           $3200.00 

Travel, hotel, etc     $-0-

2 ICC exam vouchers $-0-

Plan Review Optional $495.00

ICC Certifications 

FL Provider Number 0001782

NOTE:   Anyone can take an ICC exam to become a certified inspector.    Most states / jurisdictions will accept this to get a license (if required).

The State of Florida has several additional requirements before you become licensed most notable:

  • 5 years of field experience in each trade.
  • 2 years of field experience in construction and complete a 300-hour Transition Program.

FYI: You do not have to have permission from the State of Florida to take any ICC exams.  If you work for a governmental entity and want to only pay $5.00 to take an exam, then you will have to achieve their permission 

​This program does not offer CEUs for the state.

England Training have been working with the Florida  Building Code Administrators and Inspectors Board (BCAIB) to create the following programs.

​​ 843-747-3575 or emailwayne@ibcode.net or jengland@ibcode.net​