​​Part 1: Classroom Study       Classroom Hours:  128+
With today’s technology, classroom study takes on a whole new level in training inspectors.

It’s now possible to put the student in the classroom without leaving your home or office.

The 128-hours of class time will be online utilizing self-paced study, except for the plan review programs, which will contain 3 in-person classes for simulated plan reviews. The 300-hour programs will have two additional classes that may be taken online live via our eWISE system.

Building, Mechanical, Plumbing & Electrical Start Anytime

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7 Different Programs 

  • Building Inspector
  •      Building Plan Review
  • Plumbing   
  •      Plumbing Plan Review
  • Mechanical 
  •      Mechanical Plan Review
  • Electrical 


Core Program           $3200.00 

Travel, hotel, etc     $-0-

2 ICC exam vouchers $-0-

Plan Review Optional $495.00

An Cross-Training Program is the cornerstone of any occupation.   England Training is reviving  this tradition and bringing it into the 21st century with today’s technology.  

On The Job Training     Required OJT:  72+ hours
On the job training (OJT) is crucial  to give the student the rounded experience that will make a qualified inspector.  Coaching in the field will be required by another person that has experience in the field.

  • The student will be required to document OJT training hours 
  • Student will be required to show qualifications of OJT instructors