​​Part 1: Classroom Study (e-WISE)       Classroom Hours:  128+
With today’s technology, classroom study takes on a whole new level in training inspectors.   With an array of pictures and video at the instructor's disposal it’s now possible to take the student out of the classroom and put them on the jobsite in a training environment. All classes will be online via our
e-WISE® system, except for the plan review programs, which will contain 3 in-person classes for simulated plan reviews.

Mechanical Semester Starts Feb. 25, 2019

Plumbing Semester Starts Feb. 26, 2019

Electrical Semester Starts Aug. 19, 2019

Building Semester Starts Aug. 19, 2019

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8 Different Programs 

  • Building Inspector
  •      Building Plan Review
  • Plumbing   
  •      Plumbing Plan Review
  • Mechanical 
  •      Mechanical Plan Review
  • Electrical 
  •      Electrical Plan Review


Core Program           $3200.00 

Travel, hotel, etc     $-0-

2 ICC exam vouchers $-0-

Plan Review Optional $495.00

An Apprenticeship Program is the cornerstone of any occupation.   England Training is reviving  this tradition and bringing it into the 21st century with today’s technology.  

On The Job Training     Required OJT:  72+ hours
On the job training (OJT) is crucial  to give the student the rounded experience that will make a qualified inspector.  Coaching in the field will be required by another person that has experience in the field.

  • The student will be required to document OJT training hours 
  • Student will be required to show qualifications of OJT instructors